Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winter Runs in DC

So it's winter in DC and sometimes that means one has to git out and run in some pretty cold weather.

I have to thank the sales associated at Hudsons Trains for recommending the Mizzo running gear a couple of years back.

I have been running in it for a couple of years now and just love how I can pretty much go out in it down to about 39 degrees and when it's colder I just thrown on a 2 mm fleece and I am good to go

I am trying to get others that are running nuts in DC (not the nuts running it mind you) yah know~ those of us that just love to run to link some blogs, tweet some runs and other such activities. So if your one let's do it.

@dcruns or @sonofnels

I been running on Mass if you see me wave.

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