Tuesday, January 11, 2011

snow running v treadmill

With wanting to keep the runs ~ well running along a huge change had to be made has I have been running in Vibram 5fingers for some time and have found them to a pretty interesting animal to run in.  

The thing that I caught me most off guard was how still my legs had become for the years & years doing a a heel strike and foot thrush forward. To  now placing my foot directly under my center of gravity and pushing back.

So now I am back in my new fav the Reebok Wave shoe ...I am pretty sure by now they have many more styles and colors these I got when they first came out and before I found the Vibrams.  

To me the Wave technology is the most desirable for my new chicken scratch foot strike, see 5finges, and the feel that I want to have under my feet when I am out running.

Bar none, if you have something and want me to try it sure, until then the Mizuno Breath Trermo outer wear is the most awesome piece of equipment I have ever come across.

Just wearing this top and a bottom by them I am able to run in weather down in the low Thirties and when it gets colder I have at most worn a 1.5 UnderArmor pullover

As for the hat, gloves and extra's needed for winter running I'll leave that for another day and time.

Just remember that the tech is out there to keep your running and very comfortable I might add during the worst weather.  So the only needed part is yours.

If you are having trouble getting the runs to come I have discovered that if I come here and blog about it or post on twitter that I have run x miles then I have no choice other then run it.

So what's your winter running advice.

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