Monday, December 13, 2010

We have a funny story to tell.

Sometimes you have to take a break so after about three years of running at least 20 miles a week I when a whole month with doing a single run. Oh sure I walked about 3 miles a day and tried to keep my mind off the fact that I was not out running.

A break was needed. Somethings the best thing to do especially if your a compulsive runner is to force yourself to not run.

I just did my first run and was glad that I took the break and if your reading this and wonder what to do when you take a break or just find that you have not been running the miles you wanted is to just slip on the shoes or 5 fingers and go for a run. The trails, trees and other runners are mad at you and there is no reason for you to be mad. Missed a day, a month or even a few years. It don't matter.

Go running......

btw all Nov the month I don't run it was in the 60's now I am back to 30 degree runs. And for those of you that say it's too cold to run I say it's time to get new equipment and the next blog will be about cold running.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

So who enjoys running in weather that changes by the day

So far we have been faced with temp swings of 30 or more degrees and if your like me the body is none to happy with this.   I am not sure what you do other then dress appropriately and just go out and run.

Looking forward my next run no matter what the temp

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall is here if just for the day and I confess....OMG I FEEL LIKE SUCH A

Got that 1st Fall run in today and gotta say that skipping my run on Monday cuz the weather was abysmal and I was just not ready to pull out anything more then the spring rain gear.

Now for the confession

I run in fivefingers and I love it.........If you haven't  tried these shoes I can only say that if adding more strength to your foot, ankles, knees, hips, making your pelvic girdle tuck in, and  add more power to your spine is not intriguing then don't try them on let alone run in them..
First time running in them was pretty much OMG I FEEL LIKE SUCH A
HOWEVER, by the time I was two miles into the run........................ some how was transported back  in evolution to being a just man running without shoes across the landscape. I find my self looking for grass to run on to feel the grip of my toes in the earth thrusting into the grass digging in and pushing my feet forward.

It took about about three runs to get back to what I like to call my running floor.   What's the minimum I have to be able to run and will do anything to keep this floor from falling below.So if I go two day or 20 days I have to be able to slide into these shoes which I lovelingly refer to as feet condoms, and go run 6 miles.

 I dont care if the run is hard and time is long  I have to be able to run 6 miles. 
Is this just me.....Does anyone else have a running floor? Comment back and I am always looking for other runners in socailmedia. So there you have it I run in vibram's fivefingers and it's got to be a long run anything under an hour of running is a quickie.

Thinking about doing a run on Friday anyone want to join me...It's going to be 6 miles @ a minimum.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Runner are sough

If your a DC runner and you want to be a part of this #socialmediamentary then please by all means dive in and be part of this multidisciplinary undertaking of using social media to document mine and others like me's obsession with running.

So if your on the Twitter follow @dcruns  which has a great running culture actively on it and we'll plan to mine this for all kinds of fun.    How to do twitter/gps runs.    Even to how to use twitter to find other runner or new places or races in the DC area.   BTW the kids call the Metropolitcan Area the #dmv so all that hash (#) and #dcruns to your and get on this grand journey.

 Clearly we have a blog and if you have a blog link to our and we'll link back.which for some of us was how the internet and started. ((((Really by blog on about it when U can too))))))))) Which brings me to the next area of our interaction.

We are going to be inserting the camera into all kinds of running situation in DC. from our Best races, to LIVE interviews while running.  Yep live/ taped/found ((((( interviews))))))) with anyone that we can find that is part of the DC running culture.  Think about this.....Think about capturing dc running in any and all situation and who knows.  

Live Interviews while running,  How about a great run broadcast on Ustream, Where already planning pod cast of celebrity running and by celebrity where talking about times or miles  no glitter joggers. Again Who knows what we can do until we put the 1st foot forward.
 We also hit up all the other social media sites so if your on one let us know and we'll friend up and make ourselves a SocialMediaMentary of DC Running. we don't know em all but we'll make the strides necessary to find where DCRuns online.

FYI will try as hard a possible to run as many puns or inside sneaker jokes as possible.......#justsayin

Friday, October 1, 2010

What a great day to run

Right now the weather is just about as good as we can get in DC.  Slight chill in the breeze, that crisp air in your lungs the sounds of birds  boy-oh-boy.........and if you can get out and run.....Which is xzakly what I m a gona do

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yes DC Runs and wha'ts a Socialmediamentary

This is something that hit me today when I was thinking about my run.  Like anyone that is compulsively thinking about it, even when they are not doing it you know the feeling.  

 I Gotta RUN

Who cares, DC Runs and that is what we are going to us across all the socialmedia portals with interviews and even some classic runs in DC broadcast live.   That is why we are calling it a socialmediamentary it will be covered across all of it.

Let's run and then lets do what DC loves to do best, blog, talk and video it all across the socialmedia landscape about the one thing that don't care about your party affiliation, the color or your skin,or the size of your wallet